Oh dear Lord, I pray 2018 is another year to grow closer to You, to hear You better, to see You better, and show more glory to You.
My one word this year is "Observe".

There were so many times He had shown me the number 333. Whenever I woke up at night, happen to look at my watch, or in the midst of NYC and gazing upon the giant clock, it was 3:33.
There are many verses with 3:33 and I took them to heart.
But then when I did research about the strong Greek word for 333 it was about to observe closely, to look at attentively, gaze at, consider. It truly is an action verb. You must DO the action.


Many times I am at a loss, not knowing of what to do, how to react in a certain area. There are questions and not enough answers. There is the Holy Word called Bible and He speaks through the Bible, but that is not even enough. It is the drawing close to Him, the prayer that gives the heart eyes to see, the soul that gets the veil lifted and able to see God. It gives feet to the heart. I want to stand behind Jesus as He stretches His arms out open wide. God sees Jesus and I peek around Jesus and watch Him do it as I follow. There it is, you have to follow too.
The heart with feet has to DO.
I observe Him, watch closely, listen carefully.


Oh how perfect this goes with my camera equipment I invested in. I look through the lens and see beauty, I look closely and see the things that are small, not able to see with the naked eye, but with this special lens and attentively gazing upon it, I see His beauty.


I pray that so many of you will do this as well. Gaze upon Him, observe Him closely, and watch Him DO with your new heart with feet.



Mark 4:24-25 (NLT)
Then he added, “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given—and you will receive even more. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them.”





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L’Art de Vie–The Art of Living

L’Art de Vie
(The Art of Living)


Galatians 5:22-23 (NLT)
But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!


The Fruit of the Holy Spirit Tree is truly the art of living that the Lord had intended for us to live. There are nine tree limbs on the Fruit of the Spirit tree and each representing its spiritual fruit. The seed is planted deeply into the soil and when nourished right it will grow strong and become a tree that produces much fruit. As Christ makes His home in your heart, your roots will grow down into God’s love and will keep you strong. The tree is beginning to grow and planted by the riverbank, with its roots reaching deep into the living water. The tree does not fear nor worry about drought or storms of life, its leaves stay green and will never stop producing fruit.


The LOVE Limb  filled with hearts of the right fruit of Pomegranates is to share your heart with the lovable and unlovable. Because He gave Himself as a gift, you give of yourself. We love because He first loved us.


The JOY Limb dressed with clusters of fragrant Camphire flowers attracting many to its sweet aroma and musical notes to make a joyful noise to the Lord. A deep longing for God, for His son Jesus Christ who has set us free. Such a longing that the soul is only happy when it meets with Him. Sharing your joy with those who still search for the Shepherd.


The PEACE Limb is a healing fruit in times of difficulty, filled with Spikenard a healing fragrant balm to soothe the tired soul. The doves are a symbol of peace, with wide open wings they fly and do not fear. They continue making music even in a noisy world, that is true Shalom. God of Peace is with you and He blesses those who work for peace.


The PATIENCE/LONGSUFFERING Limb  Patience is worth the wait! Wait for the Lord, have patience! Having patience is the hardest one for most of us. This is the time to grow your character, be patient in your suffering and trials. The beauty of Saffron Crocuses are worth the wait. The clock is just a reminder, it is only for a little time such as this.


The KINDNESS Limb  radiates three flowers, the queen of all flowers the Rose of Sharon. The sweetness of this rose will remind you of the Lord Jesus Christ and His tenderness towards you. It is a hardy plant and its leaves are staying green only with the ladybugs who in turn eat the pests that try to attack the plant. In poor conditions the leaves would turn yellow and the pest of bitterness and resentment may have gotten to the plant. The ladybugs are your dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, they help you along your journey. Hidden in the tree are the keys, because kindness keys unlock doors.


The GOODNESS Limb has rich green leaves and the aromatic spice of Cinnamon, a sweet yet spicy fragrance that smell heavenly. The gift boxes are gifts we give, to be the gift to those around you. This limb has the largest three flowers on the tree; the Easter Lilies representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


The FAITHFULNESS Limb  has the most beautiful leaves and flowers of the sweet smelling Frankincense, the heart rejoices and makes music even through the toughest trials of life because you trust in El Emunah. God is Faithful!
The righteous will live by their faithfulness to God.


The GENTLENESS Limb is filled with the fruit of rich grapes ready to feed many with the sweet taste and fresh wine. The Dandelion’s are strong flowers growing in the harshest conditions. With its gentleness it detoxes the inner soul. She is gentle with strength that is under control. The Dandelion Flower blows her white puffball seeds into the world with gentleness. You can’t hear it, but it bears much fruit. Hidden on the branches are the Myrrh buddings, when pressed hard it becomes the most fragrant holy oil to be an ointment to many.


The SELF-CONTROL Limb  filled with rich Gladiolus which stands for strength which we all need to run our race in order to receive our crowns one day in heaven that will last forever. That is where we get the word Gladiator from. The gentle person shows and balanced self-control with their actions, emotions, and words. Press on dear soul to the finish line!


By Heike McDoniel

Contact me if you are interested in the original art piece or prints.


L'Art de Vie smaller imagee



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Meet Lovey

Meet Lovey, but before you do hear the beginning before the end.


Praying today in my prayer closet, “Lord, show Yourself again in a mighty way”.

I pray a prayer before I go and walk and hunt for all He has for me, His Lovenotes from God. I invited Him in and say, “Meet me there”.  And He does!


The water came rushing in and out with glistening purple diamonds dancing on each wave. It is like music being played and the Lord created beauty.

I asked Jesus today what on earth is joy? I read about it, my mind has the head knowledge, I can try to live it, but will it last but just a day.

What is true joy, the fruit of the Spirit Jesus is talking about, the true joy. Can we be so bold with Jesus?


Oh yes we can…


He won’t rebuke you just because you truly are struggling with joy and He won’t beat you over the head telling you, “you mean you still don’t get it.”

No, He won’t! Instead He will walk with you wherever you are and teach you.


What on earth is joy, Lord?


Why does it last so short with me? How many struggle with this and can we be so honest?


I find the most perfect seashell in the sand, it was truly perfection in its finest. “Thank you Lord for the gift.”


I kept walking and watching all the beauty around me, the birds picking their food what hides beneath the sand, Pelicans flying so gracefully riding the waves in mid air.


Bending down I write in the sand the word “Joy”. Starring at it and pondering what is the true meaning of this three letter word. How can a broken heart have joy?

How can a friend of mine who lost her husband have joy? Or the one whose child has gone astray? Can that mother have joy too?


Then He wrote into my heart, “Live life beautiful”.


Live this life beautiful for Him and with Him. A deep longing for God, for His son Jesus Christ who has set us free.

Such a longing that the soul is only happy when it meets with Him and He comes to the appointment I called Him to attend.


Shekinah glory…God’s presence with us!


Walking back to where I started and thought this was the end of the story and that is when it all started.

The story I thought was done has only began.


I said my Amen, took one more photograph and turned around…


There she was, a lady with arms wide open making the shape of a cross, a book in her hand.


I felt the tug in my heart to walk over and so I did.


“Are you praying too”, I asked the lady. “Oh yes I am”, she answered in a British accent.

“What are you reading”, I asked her next. “The book of Divine”, she explained.



Her story was that she is opening her arms wide to let love enter her heart, she too was searching. I could clearly see this soul was searching.


Didn’t Jesus say to search for Him and you shall find Him?


People search but there is no shepherd until today.


We spoke some more about the journey I am taking. “Mam, I too am searching to understand the fruit of the Spirit Jesus spoke about.”

The conversation went on from love to the troubles in Europe and our search.


Softly I asked her one last question, “Could I ask you something…do you have Jesus in your heart?”


She looked at me kindly back and stated, “I believe so.”


I took the perfected seashell out of my pocket, the Lovenote from God, gave it to her and said, “Remember this always, remember me, but most of all remember Him.”


We said our farewell and left her with a blessing,  I turned around just one more time to capture this moment of a true divine appointment.

Her name is Lovey with a British accent. She held the shell in her hands and very close to her heart. That dear soul made my heart smile, my face smile, my soul smile, my Spirit smile, that made my God smile.


That dear friends is “JOY”.


Today I can say I understood what joy means!







LIve life beautiful!

Flying birds

Cross in the sky


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The Gift

God always shows up in some way.
I was walking at the beach and praying for the fruit of the Spirit, because I desperately need them. Praying for His wisdom, a sound mind and sound heart. Because the times we are in, you have to have a sound mind, keep emotions under self-control, and love the unloveables. There is no way I can do that, it’s too hard…


But God can!

He gives us the fruit of the Spirit, it is His work in us and I got to practice it.

While walking and asking for His Lovenotes there was a tree in the middle in the sand. No people around, just me and God and now a Christmas tree.
My curiosity was engaged and walked over to see, hey, perhaps there is a gift.


Well, there was…

A gift!


The wooden CROSS, several wooden crosses. That is the ultimate gift for all of us!

He came! God gave us all a gift and it is up to you dear friend to unwrap it, to apply it, to use it, to live by it, and to share what the gift means to you.


God is always with us, He speaks to us in so many ways. All you have to do is ask Him.


The Tree

The Crosses



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Do Not Fear

Today I went out for a walk and got caught in the fog. For those who don’t know but I love the fog.
I was hunting for Love Notes from God. It was so beautiful.
At the beach I was surrounded by fog alone, just the touch of moisture and wind. I couldn’t even see what was in front of me and that is where He met me. I felt fear. Fear of not seeing and being totally alone.


Standing still and writing in the sand "Do Not Fear!"

He is with me at all times for I fear no evil.
Today it was me being loved by God.
Today I just wanted Him to love on me.
It is so easy to say that you love God but do you also say, "I am loved by God". It is easier to give love but you have to be willing to be loved too.


The fog lifted by the intracoastal and the scene was so serene.
We serve a mighty, awesome, and loving God.

If you feel like you are in a fog in your own world and can’t see a way out. Stand still for just a moment and trust that you are loved by our Holy God and hear His whisper in your heart, "Do Not Fear!"



Foggy Intracoastal

Foggy Intracoastal 1

Do Not Fear




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CHRIST-mas among Terror

It is the morning after…the cold in the air and shock that lingers in Germany.


A driver plowing through the mass of people, killing at least 12. A driver driven with evil in his heart, killing flesh and blood on a Christmas Market right in front of a church. A driver so easy to slash in my own broken heart.


It was my son’s turn to say the nightly prayer. Reminding him to remember the victims of this brutal attack. “Son, don’t forget to pray for those who were killed today, but not for this evil bastard”, I said.


My son looked at me as he knows that brokenness needs not more broken, but prayer. Oh, he caught my heart.



Caught in my own words now the heart just spilled the beans over the sharp-edged tongue. Piercing the wounds of Jesus.

How in the world can I pray for this man who is in my eyes nothing but driven by evil?

How can I pray for a man when others are pinned down under the crushing weight of an 18wheeler? You hear the moaning of pain and screams for help, as others lost their voice forever.

The Christmas Market now in silence.




Oh that Jesus talk again. Just for a moment I rather just hate and just for this moment I rather slice and rip this man soul into pieces with my thoughts and don’t ever offer a prayer to this inhuman little being.




I want to hold my hands to the ears to get this Jesus talk out of my mind for just a moment. Can I be this honest with you?


“But Lord, this man killed the innocent.” I want to be…..


“Silence!” He speaks to my soul.


The murderer got freed from jail as Jesus stayed behind. His eyes just watching as the wrong go free. But that is as it should be. The bad go free?

The murderer and rebel off to freedom as Jesus was taken. An innocent God-man dragged around, then beaten, spit on, slapped, yelled at, laughed at, thirsty, in pain, crushed, and lastly nailed to the cross. Bleeding and moaning on the cross He hung and the other bad guy got off the hock.




Jesus died for that man. Tears down my face, He died for pitiful soul like mine. I would have stoned that man, my heart  already did. I am no better. He died for me, for the one who is so ready and fast to throw the first stone.



Jesus washes the feet of the broken. He sits down while I recline on the comfy chair, places my foot into His lap and begins washing the dirty feet. He washes the feet of sinners. The feet who all denied Him later, those feet that run away from Him and then back to Him. The feet that sin.


Your feet, my feet, and the feet of the murderer.



I don’t excuse any of the horrific action this pitiful soul has done. But learning, as it doesn’t come natural, to pray not only for the victims, but for the one who has done the evil with sinful feet and heart.





Joel 2:13 (NLT)

Don’t tear your clothing in your grief,
but tear your hearts instead.”
Return to the Lord your God,
for he is merciful and compassionate,
slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.
He is eager to relent and not punish.

God has unfailing love!


This Christmas-story of the God-man who was born with flesh and blood, this story of unfailing love, washing the feet of sinners, and taking the punishment of evil hearts.

What kind of Christmas story is that? It used to be the twinkling lights, presents, food and laughter.


This Christmas is about sadness, horror, pain, and JESUS. The reason He was born, taught, and died as an innocent man, but rose again so many can find Him.


Christmas is about unfailing love, to be merciful, compassionate, eager to relent and not punish.

The vengeance is His, not mine.


I walk out of my own prison cell of anger and bitterness about the evil done to my people as He stayed behind. I turn around and my eyes on His, He stayed there for me.


My prayer this Christmas is that you too walk out of your prison cell and know that the Christmas-story stayed for you, and you, and him, and her… all those who have hurt you, have been rude to you, ignored you, rejected you, betrayed you, cheated you.


He stayed so you and I could go free!


Who truly is this Jesus? Why is it so easy to be human and so hard to be like Jesus? It’s easy to talk about Him and be like Him when the lights flicker, the food is on the table, and the home is filled with laughter. Why is it so darn hard to be like Him when the lights were ran over with the wheels of evil and the silence lingers in the air with moaning voices were heard crushed?


Only Jesus, the true Christmas-story! He is the light that twinkles in ones heart, He is the food for the empty starving soul, He is the One that can drive evil out and revive the heart that drove the 18wheeler of hate.

Jesus can when I can’t.  So I pray as He washes my feet again and I repent of my own starving heart.


It is Christmas and it is the Only True One God. This my friends and enemies, this is His Story.


Christmas Market



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Praying with Surrender

I had been dwelling about a dream I had two nights ago. Usually I don’t like sharing this, it is uncomfortable, vulnerable, and I discern if this was just another dream or God speaking to me as crystal clear water without any doubt it was from Him.


It was about prayer and the position you put yourself in when you pray.


Did you know when you pray, when you earnestly pray you put your life down for someone else!



Let me explain: The recent horrific shooting in the Orlando Florida night club prompted me to pray not only for the families who have lost a family member, those who were killed, but also for the person who did the evil acts. I prayed that many Muslims, specially the group called ISIS will see the truth and no longer be bound by the devil with his lies, but to see the love and compassion of Christ in their dreams and visions and being freed by Him.


You see when you intercede in prayers you place your own life down for those who hate you, for those who want to kill you, for those who want to completely destroy you. The devil hates those who pray so boldly. He hates me because I pray for them.


This is where fear comes in and the devil places that on you if you pray like that. Because you pray so boldly, because you pray with courage, and because you pray with victory, power, and strength you are the greatest threat to him and he wants to take you out with much discouragement. He wants to destroy you, put fear in you, take what you love, and put anything and everything in your way.


Now to the dream… are you still listening to my story or did I lose you?



I know many Christians don’t believe you can hear God audible, but I am going to be bold enough and tell you that when you pray, fast, and are willing to lay all of your life down for Him then you will hear God.

In my dream I started fearing for my life. It was my life that was taken, it was death. The fear of ISIS taking my life, the fear of terrorism, the fear those souls in Orlando had to face.


I was so full of fear and hanging on to life. Then I heard Him speak to me, “Why do you hang on to life so much, did you not know that this world you want to stay in is the devil’s world, but when you surrender to My will you enter into heaven and see Me.”

I might have lost you by now and you might think this was just a dream as terror entered this country once again and the brain has to process all this evil. But when you wake up and can’t stop thinking about it, then please give this a chance that God does speak to us.


My conclusion to this dream is simple, the Lord Jesus asked His followers to pray for the enemy, to love on them, to love on all sinners, and just like He laid His life down for us and the entire world, so do we. Pray for the entire homosexual community who is hurting, pray for the Muslims who do not know Christ yet, and pray for those who hate you and are bound by the devil.


If you truly are a follower of Christ would you lay down your life for others?


I questioned my walk with Christ as fear came over me, the fear of terror, the fear of losing my life.

Why do I hang on to it so much when I surrendered to Christ?


Please pray for ISIS, be so bold and pray for those who hate you, pray for those who want to do much terror and are filled with evil.


Instead of debating again and again of gun-control, LGBT, and about those bathroom issues, go a little deeper and pray for those who hate so much, stretch your wings a little further and touch someone with compassion and a love that can only come from Christ. Because that is what Christ Jesus had done and if you truly follow Christ, then this is what is required of you.




Are you willing to be part of the answer? When you pray you need to be willing to be part of it.


If you pray for others and intercede like Jesus taught us, you must be willing to pay the price.

Count your cost and what you hang on to in life.


We all seem to react to the actions of others, but God tells you to respond to the Holy Spirit instead.


Simple terms: Don’t react to all the posts and words on social media, instead respond through prayer with love and compassion to all of humanity.


Let me give you the words of Jesus instead of mine…


Matthew 5:44 (NLT)

But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!


Luke 12:4 (NLT)

“Dear friends, don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot do any more to you after that.

~Jesus Christ


Hand out Love



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Meet Bob! aka – Bob the Alligator Man

Meet Bob!
This is Bob, also known as Bob the Alligator man.
Bob is homeless, Bob sleeps in the park at night, the open sky, the wind that blows around him in the cool evening breeze, and the sounds of all the critters at night are all his new familiar sounds of home.


Bob was standing on the bridge at the Greenville Park, a plastic bag in one of his hands filled with white bread crumbs to feed the wild animals. Because a hungry man knows what hunger looks like.
In his other hand a can, a drink to drown out pain, to numb the painful memories and in hopes it would all go away.


Bob has smiling eyes and speaks quite well. You wouldn’t even think he was homeless until you listen and he tells you his story.


While husband-man and I were ready for a speedy fast walk; God stopped us in the tracks. He introduced us to Bob the Alligator man.
The reason for his name is that he rests at night and sees the Alligator rest close to him. He speaks to him like it was his friend and the Alligator listens to Bob. My heart bleeds to hear his loneliness and pain hidden behind those smiling eyes.

He lived in a home for 20 years with his girl-friend, raised her children, and was a handy man at home. Bob served in the US Army and is a Veteran. He’s been to foreign countries, served his country, and had a normal life. But then just in December his bride he loved broke up and a world ended for this man with smiling eyes. His world was so broken, he lost it all, the home, the family, and all hope.


Don’t ever judge a person just because he or she is homeless or has given up. Trust me when I say when you get one blow after another, you come to a point of giving up at times. That is why it is so important you have a good friend or two and a church family that carries you through these times.


Bob met a young lady named Lyssa. She walked the park and saw this hungry man. Everyday she goes to the park and feeds him as he feeds the alligator, the ducks, and turtles. He gave them all a name.
Thank God for angels on earth named Lyssa who show such compassion for another soul.


Bob writes a lot he says. I encouraged him to not give up and to share his writings with the world. He was afraid people would take that too from him. But I assured him that a gift from God has to be shared to encourage others and told him about royalty checks. We also encouraged him to take the home he might be getting from the VA to help a veteran.


Friends, keep you eyes open for the lost and hurt people out there in this world. We all get very hung up on issues in our own life and those of politicians and get so blindsided of the injured and hurt out there.
I am just as guilty and God has shown me last night in the park to keep on walking a straight path forward and look for broken people. To feed the hungry, not just with food, but with kindness and words of encouragement, to give one time to tell their story.


This world is hungry! Hungry for God!


Friends, those are lovenotes from God  and I hope you see one each day! Pray for Bob that he does not give up in life and most of all trusts in the Lord!


Bob first gave me a handshake to say good-bye, then he stopped, took my hand, and kissed it!

Bob the Alligator Man

April 25th 1

April 25th 2

April 25th




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The Easter Lily

While walking the trails in Reston Virginia the leaves still laying from past winter on the ground, covering the grass and walking trails. Broken pieces of tree limbs that had fallen from storms that raged throughout autumn and winter are all laying broken on the ground.


The trees and bushes are all dressed in their gray attire. So anything looking unusual would pop right out of this gray color scheme.


It seemed like another moment catching one of God’s Love Notes right in the middle of debris and the cold color gray. Standing straight up was this beautiful and so very lonesome yellow flower.


The Easter Lily!


When you walk in nature God tells you much about Himself. You only have to take the time and watch, smell, and listen of what is right in front of you. How can you not smile when you see this glimpse of beauty come through the drought, debris, and broken pieces that had fallen on her from winter’s past storms.


Isn’t that what happens when we journey through life?


Don’t we have to go through the autumn rains, the winds that rage bursting into giant storms, broken pieces that fall upon you.


That’s life…you say…perhaps…


But what can we learn from this Easter Lily that has the courage to grow through the hardest winter ground that has not even softened from spring soft rains or summers late afternoon thunderstorms?


What lesson does God teach?


In Christian tradition, the Easter Lily is a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning, the resurrection of Christ. The symbol of purity, joy, hope, life, a new beginning.


She pushes herself through the hardest ground, regardless of what had fallen on her, growing with courage she pushes herself up and stands strong and boldly, giving off a fragrance of hope, beauty, and grace.


Yes, that is the lesson God teaches!


If you are beaten by autumn storms and debris has fallen overwhelmingly over you and the ground seems way too hard to handle, then take this Easter Lily as a great example and push forward.

Keep growing strongly and boldly with such beauty that can only come from Christ.

You know, the Easter Lily doesn’t even know it and does it anyway. It is protected and clothed.


How much more do you think He will be by your side, protect you, clothe you with His grace!


Keep your eyes wide open of what God has to show you!

Count Love Notes from God! This might be your new beginning!


The Easter Lily

The Easter Lily

Courtesy of my daughter Rebecca. Winking smile





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The Oak Tree

I was dwelling on my own spiritual growth and in a way disappointed of how slow I grow as a believer and follower in Jesus Christ.
I came to a point of disappointment in myself of how slow I gained understanding and growth. It didn’t make sense.


There are moments you want to do it all in one day but lack understanding, wisdom, faith, and maturity.

Maybe you have never felt that way and grew like bamboo out of the ground, shooting straight up to heaven.
To me it was like standing next to a mushroom that grew overnight to full bloom and an oak tree that nobody even sees until 20 years later.
Winking smile


So today I want to encourage the soul that is the oak tree and it takes time to grow. But at the end, you grew stronger then you will ever know and you will give shade to so many in your home, your work, your community, and all who take shelter in and around you.


Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you grow slow. "Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

So, keep growing, keep being in His Word, don’t keep up with others, but enjoy your own growth. Thank the Lord each day what He is showing you through your mistakes and embrace what you have learned new and apply it.


I thank the Lord today for growing just a millimeter, but this millimeter is straight up. Winking smile



The Oak Tree


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