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Voyage Voyage

A painting is nothing more then just some paint on a canvas, right?


So wrong…


a painting brings life to those who see it! Each art stroke is done with love, with care, and with much joy by the creator.





Look closely at the birth of each detail added! Think a little higher, think like God! Oh, how I can only imagine when He created us all, when He created all those details, each paint stroke and He rejoiced over it!

Six days to be exact and on the last day He sat down and watched His art and what a smile must have been on His face. He watched it and it was perfect!


And the artist is not done, He keeps painting another detail to be added, YOU! He painted YOU! You are part of His art!


Now look again…





We were changed, made into a new creature in Christ!


Please stop walking the earth as a worm and begin to fly. Stretch those wings and begin your voyage!


Look closely at the art, see the one on the canvas? It is just one shining star, but not so shining all alone. Almost gets lost in the nothing.





Then the artist created a wing or two, they radiate just differently.


More and more detail is given and each butterfly complementing the other. Though one sticks more out then the other and some are hiding in the back-ground. None can be without the other, they make together the perfect picture.


I sat back and look at the art, how can you like one more then the other? I can’t…I simply can’t find one prettier then the other…they only look radiant when they are together!


Voyage almost done


Oh my friends and so it is with all of us. Do you think God loves one more then the other because they radiate more at the front lines? Do you think because she or he is the star? Maybe you are the one way in the back, barely seen by anybody.

Yes, maybe that is who many of us are, in the back.


Do you see how pretty you radiate? But you radiate only because there is a cluster of different stars and they all radiate for our Holy Holy Father in Heaven!


I could just tear up telling you that not one single one is more or less, they make the perfect art piece! For God they all radiate, the ones that stick right out and then ones that are more hidden. To Him they make art, they need each other!


As for me, the wanting to write for the Lord, it is for the Lord and if I stay the small wing on the side it is only to complement those who are up front.


We have a journey my friends, it is your voyage, French for travel. How great is His art when we travel for Him, when we spread the wings given, when we edify each other. Be patient with one another, let the other grow and mature in its own time, when we never look down on another, when we see the star and the hidden, because for Him we are all the stars. Each has His paint stroke, a special touch just by Him, each is a star because the TRUE AND ONLY star here is Christ Jesus  and together we radiate for Him.


This new year is your voyage, fly my friend, fly for Him, grow in Him, radiate for Him, radiate together. God in heaven looks down and He sees the perfect harmony of His creation when we edify each other.

This is your voyage into the new year, radiate this year for Him! Live a life of Soli Deo Gloria! Glory to God alone! We are His masterpiece!


Voyage 1 

SDG Soli Deo Gloria



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