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Pray and Shine

Friends lay down all rocks, whatever makes you get tripped up. Leave room for faults and room to grow. I have learned that social media can do this so quickly. Let’s run the race for our King. I can’t wait to see Him one day. Oh, what a beautiful day it will be. Lift up your voices and proclaim Him boldly, love every person lavishly, pray and shine in this world.

I had a dream one night during my time off.

Only three words were spoken, "Pray and Shine."

And that is all I want, to pray to our Holy Precious Father and shine in a dark world, to speak with humbled tongue a bold message of the King. The One and Only God who will bring salvation to each one who believe in Him.
The only reason I was even created was to shine beautiful for Him and so are you.

He adores us, He loves us richly, He is in the unseen skies and fights for you.

Be beautiful today, pray and shine in this world.



Until She Flies 4 w. words


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