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The Changing Room

Have I ever told you the story of Eva?

I don’t even know her, nor have I seen her, I only know her by name. A complete stranger that touched my heart.

What is if I told you that you have an Eva in your life right now, you might never see her, speak to her, or she might never even know of you. Yet, her life changed because of you.


In and out I went in the ICU in Germany. Time to see the one I love so much, seeing his sleeping body, machines attached to keep him alive. It is my earthy dad, my Papa.


Before you could get into his room, you wash your hands, take off the jackets and anything that might carry germs into the special care unit. It is this small room where you change, where the outside stays out and the inside becomes a new reality.


The changing room that changes everything.


But on this day, the changing room became the greatest changing room for three people in this life.


Every day I drove my bike through the heavy snow. It’s April and it seems we had the snow of the century. Every day this lady and I crossed our path in this changing room. You see we don’t talk that much in Germany. I am from the north and we keep generally to ourselves. Whatever is her business is hers and mine stays mine. It is a different culture to help you understand.


This women being a mother, visiting her daughter next room to my Papa’s in ICU. Same scenario just in reversed order when it comes to parent and child.


After seeing this lady everyday in the same changing room, I had the courage to stop her. Softly I spoke to her and ask, “What is your daughter’s name?” As it is customary to give only the last name in Germany, she replied with the last name.

I looked in her very tired eyes and asked a second time, “What is your daughter’s first name?”. She had no idea where I was going with this and why I would even bother asking, but she replied with a broken and exhausted voice, “Eva”.


“Mam, today I will pray for Eva”, I replied. Immediately her tears flooded and blurred out the color of her eyes. It was as the soul had this longing for love, a longing for hope, a longing for God.


This is where it all began, change in the changing room. This is where courage and brokenness met, they became one that day. I don’t know if her daughter survived, how the mom’s life looks like right now. But I bet that she has not forgotten this holy moment of change. This moment of brokenness, may she be a believer or not, in this moment she placed all her trust in our Holy God and a strangers prayers.


Friends, the changing room is right where you are…We are not to change the world, we are to be in the world, to step into the changing room, to speak up with gentleness, kindness, to pray for those who have not experienced the great love our Holy God has for each one of us. To plant a seed of love and grace that comes from God. Have courage today and pray with someone, pray for those who don’t have a relationship with the Lord. Step into the changing room and let our Lord change the other person through your love, humbleness, and kindness.


I hope today you will meet someone like Eva’s mom or maybe you meet Eva yourself. Just keep they eyes wide open, keep the heart soft and with alert ears listen to the world. Listen to the pain the world has.

Listen to the pain of this world!


Watch a soul changing with the love of Christ.


Watching Change


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