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Expect the Unexpected–The Overturned Boat

The unexpected always happens when you expect something. Let me explain it further. When you hunt for love notes from God, He will reveal Himself. I expect and He sends the unexpected.


Today while walking the long sandy beach I was in deep thought and prayer. The heart empties out when you walk with God. Every step I take, feel the sand between the toes and the water splashing up to my knees.

It feels good the cool water, so refreshing, and so it is when the soul empties out to speak to a Holy God. The Father in heaven, He seems so far at times, yet His presence is so close. He is in the people business, watching every step we take.


When gratitude is hard to find, fear and anxiety are trying its best to get you off course,  and questions more then answers, hunt for His love notes He leaves behind.


I don’t know about you, but for me, when I look for the beauty, I find beauty. If you look for the ugly in this world, you will find ugly.

This is not a positive thinking solution, this is thinking about what God has done, what He is still doing, and to live by His amazing grace.


Questions, so many questions and no answers. I am sure you have been there as well.


Butterflies, birds, and ocean creature, I saw them all today.  You have to look for beauty if you want to find some…

Who hasn’t had doubt before, or questions, and what about failing faith? Have we all not been there before?

Job-loss, marriage issues, bad health, insecurity, hiding behind a mask, deaths, depression and world events, taking care of an elderly parent, unsaved loved-one, troubles at work, or self-pity, we all fit somewhere into this text, don’t we!


Right there when you talk with God, right there when honest questions come from the heart and ask the Father above, right then He will answer. He answers honest questions, don’t hold back and be the true heart He longs for.



I walk some further, glancing at the ocean waves when straight from the ocean the wave brings in this tiny, pink, plastic boat. Landing overturned in the sand, right in front of my feet.

I am sure it belongs to someone somewhere at some point, but right now this boat was truly for me.

Instead of leaving the boat upside down I turn it around to take a picture. 



I had  to smile a bit and knew I received my love note from God. The unexpected always happens when you expect something. Just didn’t expect a tiny toy boat. Winking smile


You see, the Lord always sends a boat, He always sends a way out, He always sends His rescue and His help, but it is up to you to turn the boat over and do your part as well.


Do you get where I am going with this story?


You turn the boat over He has provided, you have to do your part too. You have to speak truth, focus on the good and honorable. redirect your thoughts to Him and do not listen to the lies that play in your mind.

When temptations are stronger to sin, don’t give into sin and stay in the Word. When the mind plays tricks and tells you that you’re lonely, please ask for His rescue and do your part by turning over the boat and focus your mind on Him.


The Lord always sends His provision. Turn to Him and when you ask for help from the Lord, do your part also. Trust in Him!


Your boat might look like this tiny one, a little beaten from the crashing waves of life, but at the end, look at it, it is turned over.


It won’t be always smooth sailing in this ocean of life, but it won’t toss you overboard either.       


Start today and ask for His love notes, expect the unexpected and do your part by trusting in Him.


The unexpected quote


The Pink Boat 1a





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