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Out of Focus

I have been observing the events that have just unfolded within a few days.

Just watching the news unfold. People fighting people, flesh and bones against another.

Both have the same red blood. And even if one is evil, they try to outdo the other evil.

Evil competes with evil? Rival outdo the other rival.


Since when did all this happen?


Al-Qaeda wanting to compete with ISIS? News line across my screen, “Who leads global Jihad, al-Qaeda or ISIS?”


This is a spiritual war.


Let’s talk about (shall I say allowable things rather then terrorism) other matters.


If it is not a democratic party against a republican, it is a back and white issue. And if it is not the opinions that are divided between homeschooling and public schooling, it is an issue of organic food eaters verses non-organic. And if it not a tree-hugger verses a tree-mugger (is that even a word?), it is an issue about taking prescription verses doing it the natural way. And if it is not a religion fighting another, it is an issue with churches lined up on same street believing in the same God. And if it is not the church within its own four walls, it is an issue within your own family at home.


See some kind of pattern here?


All want to be right and all have something to say.


They all have a voice.


Do you see how we all are struggling? Do you see that this is not of God? It is not a war we can fight, it is a spiritual war. A war that only the One and Only can fight, has fought, and will keep fighting.

I observe faces, expressions without the sound. Amazing how much you hear with eyes when you watch and not hear their words. This is not how it suppose to be. It’s not heaven for sure.


You see the soul speaks when you watch one long enough, you see their expressions and the bitterness penetrates the soul.



On a much lighter note, I received this beautiful video of my baby nephew. He just discovered his voice, he hears himself laugh, watches his mother with delight, and he giggles away.

A soft voice makes such a difference, the tone speaks volumes. He just laughs and keeps his focus close to her. Their eyes are locked.


I wonder if our vision is out of focus, if our vision is not locked on our Holy God.


I can’t make people believe in Him, nor can I make someone understand my ways or talk them into it, but what I can do and what I must do is to have the same grace, love, and kindness that has been shown to me to extend to others. The living water that flows through a Christ-follower is to flow like a river. It branches out to all directions of life, it waters whatever comes in its path. Every seed, every branch and root gets watered. The nourishment you received needs to nourish others.


When your focus is not hidden behind a screen and clouded with worldly issues, with debates and disagreements, then you are so free, no longer entrapped, to richly feed others.


What if we all stop hearing the words of others with ears and just watch how their soul cries out?


It is such a silent cry. The weak they get crushed under this pressure. The strong get only more bitter.


No one wins! No one on earth.


The only One that will win always is our Holy God.


Many have not truly met Him yet, maybe our voices spoke louder then our hearts.

Oh, how guilty I have been too. My voice has spoken louder then my heart.


The butterfly came in just yesterday, it got trapped, lost its focus, could not get out.


Let’s not lose focus with worldly events. This war, this spiritual war is HIS and I am here to extend the living water, the Holy Word of God. He lets the sun shine on both good and evil, He waters the earth for both the good and evil.

Oh, how He loves us.

Butterfly Focus


Audio Version:



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