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Beauty in the Haze

Yesterday while walking the beach alone it was a hazy kind of day. Taking my camera to hunt for love notes from God but the view was so clouded.
Then I thought how beautiful is this moment and true in ones life.
It is hard to see clear of what the distance has to show, but when you look down at your own two feet the view is clearer then ever.



What am I trying to say here?



Don’t look so far of what is all ahead, maybe the mountain of debt, perhaps the troubles your children are in, your marriage, the chaos of the world events, presidential debates and who will be the next leader, perhaps the much studying you have to accomplish to get the degree. Whatever you can think off now.


Just look on the moment that is now right in front of you and see clearly that God has beauty for you. Have a thankful heart in this moment, see what is now and not in the far far distance. Keep trusting that God will clear the way if you keep the faith.


Sometimes the distant view of God’s beauty is dulled with haze and worldly troubles,
but when you keep your eyes close to the moment, your view is brighter than ever and you find beauty.

~Until She Flies

Beauty in the haze





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