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Imperfect Perfectly Loved

I was walking the beach last night, the biggest prayer room in the world. Winking smile It was one of my weaker days, my off day with a slight bitter spirit, I felt the need to repent and pray. As I was walking I was pondering how could a Father so Holy love me so much. Then Scripture came to my mind, that perfect love has no fear and if you fear of punishment then your love is not perfected.
Right then at that moment I found a perfect large white seashell right by my feet. It only needs a little brushing to clean some of the beach mud off. For those not living in my area of the NC coast, it is hard to find perfect seashells right now after the beach nourishment they had to do.


We are all such perfect seashells for Jesus, we just need all a little brushing off at times for the beauty to be seen. He knew it was all along there. How many times has He picked us up, brushed us off, and placed us back down to shine. Incredible!


God loves imperfect people perfectly!




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