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God’s Holiness

Have you ever sat down and thought about God’s holiness?

Or have you thought about the moment you actually see the holiness of God?

Will you even be able to speak, tremble with reverent fear?


I am thinking about how I plan vacations like my trip right now, how I plan festivities, but what about the moment I meet God one day in person face to face.


If my life is truly about God then my thoughts should be all about this moment when He comes. I believe it will change every action we take, every word spoken, every thought captured, and we slowly become less and He becomes greater.


Sin has no chance, selfishness is out the door, and we relax in Him.


If we were to put on spiritual glasses and truly see the warfare that is going on around us, we would be crushed with fear. God protected us from seeing all this and only told us. He fights battles for us we didn’t even know existed.


Angels around your prayer closet and in other moments. We have much to be thankful for.


Christmas time is so busy. Just put on the breaks, look up to heaven and listen to Him and think about His holiness and how at any time you could meet Him. The Lord could come at any time now. Maybe for all of us or just for one of us. Are you ready for that moment?


If you don’t believe in your Creator, you will still get to meet Him and there is no turning back. Every knee will bow! And your destiny for eternity is whether you believed in our holy God Christ Himself. And those words are not mine. I take His word for it!


I truly believe if my thoughts were like that every day I would be a better wife, a better mother, a better coworker, a better citizen, a better everything!


By my fruits they would recognize Him.




I am looking at social media posts and there is great agony about the upcoming presidential candidates, much hurt by evil demon possessed people called ISIS, and many other issues like opinions of worldly matters.


How can one relax? How can you relax in a world gone wacko?


When you think about God’s holiness and that He is in control of all things, you begin to relax in His grace. He gives rest to your weary soul and you lie down in green pastures besides still waters, resting in His grace.


If your heart is full of anxious thoughts, fear, stressed out about this world or children gone astray, fights within the marriage, problems at work, or perhaps at church…then think about His holiness and make that your main focus. Always put your focus on Him and His holiness and rest your soul right there. Drown out all the noises and hear God. Remember He speaks in the whisper.

Do you hear the music in your heart play the song of His holiness and His love? Think about it all day, think about Him non-stop and His love for you.


Then in the quietness you hear His whisper,

 "Be still and know that I AM GOD"!


Holy holy holy is the God Almighty!

Bethlehem 1

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