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Be Jesus

I am only writing this to encourage you to step out of your own comfort zone and not to toot my own horn. I hope you know me better then this.

But if one never tells then another never tries. So here it goes:


Last night was the first time I went out into the city of Bremen, Germany and visited peopled living on the street. It was the first time I touched them, spoke to them, smiled with them, smelled them, and prayed with them.


This is what Jesus did? You mean it didn’t look so nice, smelled nice, and looked all put together like a Sunday worship?


Yes, it is exactly how it was and aren’t we all equipped with the Holy Spirit in us for those who believe. I have way too long not used Him. He has been hiding in there somewhere.


We are Jesus… in us!


I can’t forget the conversations we had with the most broken of broken people. Are you ready to hear it? Are you ready to let your heart be touched?


It was the first for my friend Markus and I visiting people on the street.


The first person we met was Manfred who was sitting on the street right next to the McDonald’s. He and his dog all bundled up with blankets sitting over a vent that pushed out warm air. It was hard to understand him as he was clearly drinking his pain away. His hands looked like they have not seen clean water in a very long time, his head never even looked up.


"What happened", I asked? And he began to mumble his story of being an orphan in Bavaria and talked about the nuns and that he ran away. He never found a good footage in life. We talked about God and how much Jesus loves him, but he responded he felt more kicked in the rear end.


What do you answer a person so broken and dirty sitting there and obviously kicked around in life? Oh, what to say?


You get on your knees with them, you hold their hands and rub your fingers over their calloused knuckles and tell them that Jesus will always love you and it is time you accept His love again if you are broken or not broken, accept His love tonight, hold on to His Word. He then looked up and tried to lock his eyes to yours.


He was way too drunk to read God’s Word, but even if you can’t read it now for whatever reason, then just hold it close to your heart and think about His love. Markus had a blanket ready to give more warmth.


We prayed with Manfred and moved on…


The next person we met was Kurt, he was about his early 60’s or late 50’s and living on a bridge by the windmill. He has been living the streets since 3.5 years. He spoke clearly and was so grateful that someone would stop and strike a conversation with him. He told us a bit about his family and he started crying when he told about both parents are now passed away. I think his parents were his hold in life.


We prayed with Kurt, held his hands and he greatly accepted His love. He spoke about that he loved Jesus and the reverent fear of His Holy Word.


I was surprised how many broken people, homeless people fear and love the Lord and have a smile on their face when you speak to them.


Kurt had a small cup on the street and from time to time a well-dressed person put in a coin or two. Another gentleman stopped and brought food.


He told us that he had no need for a blanket and to give it to another homeless who has none. Kurt also shares the money he makes.


I could not believe it!


He makes on a good day 5 Euros, about the same in dollars and gives one Euro to the one also living on the street and needs a cup of coffee or some food. He shares the little he got.


Markus told him the story about the poor widow who gave it all and Kurt listened to the story attentively.


Kurt smiled and was so happy about a visit, a touch, and God’s Word spoken. We encouraged him to get help and to take the help, to get back off the street and once recovered to help others in need.

But first get help yourself.


I will never forget the smile of Kurt’s. He loves Jesus truly he loves Him.


The next two people we crossed was at another McDonald’s, also laying there sleeping on a vent that pushed out warm air. This one was a bit harder as the smell was lingering as soon as you walked up close to them.


Meet Peter and Christo. Christo is from Poland but spoke German very well. Christo was about in his 40’s and Peter looked like his very early 30’s.


No job, no home, no life…


Just given up in life or no good start. We sat with them for a while and got into a conversation and that we wanted to give them a little Christmas gift. Markus took out two Bibles, two fresh blankets and a bag of goodies. Both sat up and started sharing the cookies. Peter handed Christo a cookie with a large heart on it. It was that moment of sharing and feeding the hurt person next to you that touched me in that moment. Markus and I just looked at each other as it touched us both deeply.


After they were given the Bibles, they both held up the Bibles into the air and said, "There is no other God but Him." Christo said some more, but I can’t even recall all this. It was humbling!


I get the chills just thinking about them both and their words.


They truly loved Him and prayed with us. They thanked us for the visit and just loved a conversation from human to human, a smile, a word of hope and simply knowing there is love out there.


Our walk continued to the Hauptbahnhof, that is the train station. We met Rosie. She is only 27 years young. She sat there with her dog and told us that she might get her apartment very soon. Rosie has been waiting for one and without a residence you can not collect any money for help. There is not enough living space for all. We heard this story over and over that night.


No apartment, no job, no future…


It feels weird to just give someone a Bible and then move on. What good does a Bible do someone when their bellies are hungry, what good does a Bible do someone when they are cold, and what good does a Bible do someone without a touch, a smile, and love?


We asked Rosie if she needs anything, food or something to drink, but she said she is covered for tonight. We prayed with Rosie. I noticed that she kept her eyes wide open while we prayed, she had to guard all her stuff.


So I prayed with my eyes wide open and looked her into her eyes and spoke of Jesus.


We moved on and saw a very young man sitting in pretty decent clothing all sad looking. Just so sad!


We noticed him on our way towards the train station and on our walk back Markus asked him if he was alright.


His name is Maurice and only 22 years old. No job, no apartment. He rotates friends houses where he could spend a night to sleep. He wanted only some coins in his cup.


We invited him in to eat, ordered a meal and sat down with him. He began to talk. His future is wide open still.


He grew up in foster care and said it pains him when he sees the families walk pass him for Christmas shopping and children holding their parent’s hands. He has parents, but was placed in foster care. You could hear that he misses a real hold and home.


Maurice said he believed once in Christ but stopped when his heart grew more and more cold and upset about his start in life.


Holding his hands and looking him deeply into his eyes, praying with him and encouraging him to stop what he is doing and get help, to go to church he was invited to and simply asked the church to take him by the hand and guide him, to direct his steps in life. His eyes light up and said he wants to try Jesus again in his life. I get the chills to recall these images in my mind. His eyes went from dull to hopeful again.


Maurice’s story touched Markus and I a lot, as Markus and Maurice were about the same age, but Maurice never had the same start in life. He had a hard beginning and did not have the hand that guided him to a better future.


It is so easy to walk pass people and place judgment, but when you hear their stories it is almost the same. No start, no hold, no home, no job, no direction in life, no hope, no life, no future…


That night was the first night ever having done something like that and it taught me so much. I hope you forgive me that I spoke about all this as God loves the things we do in secret and our reward will be in heaven. But I hope you see that my heart only wanted to share beauty with you and to encourage you to walk up to strangers, to broken people, to stop them in their tracks and asked if they are alright. I hope I encouraged you to let the Holy Spirit take over of what to say and do not fear to walk the streets in the dark and damp nights and bring hope and love back into another soul’s heart.


Soli Deo Gloria!

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