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The Easter Lily

While walking the trails in Reston Virginia the leaves still laying from past winter on the ground, covering the grass and walking trails. Broken pieces of tree limbs that had fallen from storms that raged throughout autumn and winter are all laying broken on the ground.


The trees and bushes are all dressed in their gray attire. So anything looking unusual would pop right out of this gray color scheme.


It seemed like another moment catching one of God’s Love Notes right in the middle of debris and the cold color gray. Standing straight up was this beautiful and so very lonesome yellow flower.


The Easter Lily!


When you walk in nature God tells you much about Himself. You only have to take the time and watch, smell, and listen of what is right in front of you. How can you not smile when you see this glimpse of beauty come through the drought, debris, and broken pieces that had fallen on her from winter’s past storms.


Isn’t that what happens when we journey through life?


Don’t we have to go through the autumn rains, the winds that rage bursting into giant storms, broken pieces that fall upon you.


That’s life…you say…perhaps…


But what can we learn from this Easter Lily that has the courage to grow through the hardest winter ground that has not even softened from spring soft rains or summers late afternoon thunderstorms?


What lesson does God teach?


In Christian tradition, the Easter Lily is a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning, the resurrection of Christ. The symbol of purity, joy, hope, life, a new beginning.


She pushes herself through the hardest ground, regardless of what had fallen on her, growing with courage she pushes herself up and stands strong and boldly, giving off a fragrance of hope, beauty, and grace.


Yes, that is the lesson God teaches!


If you are beaten by autumn storms and debris has fallen overwhelmingly over you and the ground seems way too hard to handle, then take this Easter Lily as a great example and push forward.

Keep growing strongly and boldly with such beauty that can only come from Christ.

You know, the Easter Lily doesn’t even know it and does it anyway. It is protected and clothed.


How much more do you think He will be by your side, protect you, clothe you with His grace!


Keep your eyes wide open of what God has to show you!

Count Love Notes from God! This might be your new beginning!


The Easter Lily

The Easter Lily

Courtesy of my daughter Rebecca. Winking smile



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