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Here is my daughter Rebecca’s new art piece. I love the art piece as it speaks to me. When you look closely you see a dark side, one with thorns and on the opposite side is light with bubbles and a flower that is blossoming.


Isn’t that how life is?

Think about it…How else are you being made beautiful in Christ Jesus?

Isn’t it the prick of your heart?


The moment you were in darkness and He pricks it with His love. The sweetness and beauty of love happens the moment He pricks it in the dark only to bloom into a flower ready to love Him in return.

Today will you made the decision to let Him prick your heart, will you let His love enter your darkness so you can love Him in return?


Don’t wait!


Let love in and God is the ONLY love! You say love wins, I amen that, because God is love. Only He is love!

If you thirst for love and He pricks you in your darkness or darkest hours, then feel the sweetness of your love grow for Him.





Light and Darkness

Courtesy of my daughter Rebecca. Winking smile



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