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Meet Bob! aka – Bob the Alligator Man

Meet Bob!
This is Bob, also known as Bob the Alligator man.
Bob is homeless, Bob sleeps in the park at night, the open sky, the wind that blows around him in the cool evening breeze, and the sounds of all the critters at night are all his new familiar sounds of home.


Bob was standing on the bridge at the Greenville Park, a plastic bag in one of his hands filled with white bread crumbs to feed the wild animals. Because a hungry man knows what hunger looks like.
In his other hand a can, a drink to drown out pain, to numb the painful memories and in hopes it would all go away.


Bob has smiling eyes and speaks quite well. You wouldn’t even think he was homeless until you listen and he tells you his story.


While husband-man and I were ready for a speedy fast walk; God stopped us in the tracks. He introduced us to Bob the Alligator man.
The reason for his name is that he rests at night and sees the Alligator rest close to him. He speaks to him like it was his friend and the Alligator listens to Bob. My heart bleeds to hear his loneliness and pain hidden behind those smiling eyes.

He lived in a home for 20 years with his girl-friend, raised her children, and was a handy man at home. Bob served in the US Army and is a Veteran. He’s been to foreign countries, served his country, and had a normal life. But then just in December his bride he loved broke up and a world ended for this man with smiling eyes. His world was so broken, he lost it all, the home, the family, and all hope.


Don’t ever judge a person just because he or she is homeless or has given up. Trust me when I say when you get one blow after another, you come to a point of giving up at times. That is why it is so important you have a good friend or two and a church family that carries you through these times.


Bob met a young lady named Lyssa. She walked the park and saw this hungry man. Everyday she goes to the park and feeds him as he feeds the alligator, the ducks, and turtles. He gave them all a name.
Thank God for angels on earth named Lyssa who show such compassion for another soul.


Bob writes a lot he says. I encouraged him to not give up and to share his writings with the world. He was afraid people would take that too from him. But I assured him that a gift from God has to be shared to encourage others and told him about royalty checks. We also encouraged him to take the home he might be getting from the VA to help a veteran.


Friends, keep you eyes open for the lost and hurt people out there in this world. We all get very hung up on issues in our own life and those of politicians and get so blindsided of the injured and hurt out there.
I am just as guilty and God has shown me last night in the park to keep on walking a straight path forward and look for broken people. To feed the hungry, not just with food, but with kindness and words of encouragement, to give one time to tell their story.


This world is hungry! Hungry for God!


Friends, those are lovenotes from God  and I hope you see one each day! Pray for Bob that he does not give up in life and most of all trusts in the Lord!


Bob first gave me a handshake to say good-bye, then he stopped, took my hand, and kissed it!

Bob the Alligator Man

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