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Praying with Surrender

I had been dwelling about a dream I had two nights ago. Usually I don’t like sharing this, it is uncomfortable, vulnerable, and I discern if this was just another dream or God speaking to me as crystal clear water without any doubt it was from Him.


It was about prayer and the position you put yourself in when you pray.


Did you know when you pray, when you earnestly pray you put your life down for someone else!



Let me explain: The recent horrific shooting in the Orlando Florida night club prompted me to pray not only for the families who have lost a family member, those who were killed, but also for the person who did the evil acts. I prayed that many Muslims, specially the group called ISIS will see the truth and no longer be bound by the devil with his lies, but to see the love and compassion of Christ in their dreams and visions and being freed by Him.


You see when you intercede in prayers you place your own life down for those who hate you, for those who want to kill you, for those who want to completely destroy you. The devil hates those who pray so boldly. He hates me because I pray for them.


This is where fear comes in and the devil places that on you if you pray like that. Because you pray so boldly, because you pray with courage, and because you pray with victory, power, and strength you are the greatest threat to him and he wants to take you out with much discouragement. He wants to destroy you, put fear in you, take what you love, and put anything and everything in your way.


Now to the dream… are you still listening to my story or did I lose you?



I know many Christians don’t believe you can hear God audible, but I am going to be bold enough and tell you that when you pray, fast, and are willing to lay all of your life down for Him then you will hear God.

In my dream I started fearing for my life. It was my life that was taken, it was death. The fear of ISIS taking my life, the fear of terrorism, the fear those souls in Orlando had to face.


I was so full of fear and hanging on to life. Then I heard Him speak to me, “Why do you hang on to life so much, did you not know that this world you want to stay in is the devil’s world, but when you surrender to My will you enter into heaven and see Me.”

I might have lost you by now and you might think this was just a dream as terror entered this country once again and the brain has to process all this evil. But when you wake up and can’t stop thinking about it, then please give this a chance that God does speak to us.


My conclusion to this dream is simple, the Lord Jesus asked His followers to pray for the enemy, to love on them, to love on all sinners, and just like He laid His life down for us and the entire world, so do we. Pray for the entire homosexual community who is hurting, pray for the Muslims who do not know Christ yet, and pray for those who hate you and are bound by the devil.


If you truly are a follower of Christ would you lay down your life for others?


I questioned my walk with Christ as fear came over me, the fear of terror, the fear of losing my life.

Why do I hang on to it so much when I surrendered to Christ?


Please pray for ISIS, be so bold and pray for those who hate you, pray for those who want to do much terror and are filled with evil.


Instead of debating again and again of gun-control, LGBT, and about those bathroom issues, go a little deeper and pray for those who hate so much, stretch your wings a little further and touch someone with compassion and a love that can only come from Christ. Because that is what Christ Jesus had done and if you truly follow Christ, then this is what is required of you.




Are you willing to be part of the answer? When you pray you need to be willing to be part of it.


If you pray for others and intercede like Jesus taught us, you must be willing to pay the price.

Count your cost and what you hang on to in life.


We all seem to react to the actions of others, but God tells you to respond to the Holy Spirit instead.


Simple terms: Don’t react to all the posts and words on social media, instead respond through prayer with love and compassion to all of humanity.


Let me give you the words of Jesus instead of mine…


Matthew 5:44 (NLT)

But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!


Luke 12:4 (NLT)

“Dear friends, don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot do any more to you after that.

~Jesus Christ


Hand out Love



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