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Do Not Fear

Today I went out for a walk and got caught in the fog. For those who don’t know but I love the fog.
I was hunting for Love Notes from God. It was so beautiful.
At the beach I was surrounded by fog alone, just the touch of moisture and wind. I couldn’t even see what was in front of me and that is where He met me. I felt fear. Fear of not seeing and being totally alone.


Standing still and writing in the sand "Do Not Fear!"

He is with me at all times for I fear no evil.
Today it was me being loved by God.
Today I just wanted Him to love on me.
It is so easy to say that you love God but do you also say, "I am loved by God". It is easier to give love but you have to be willing to be loved too.


The fog lifted by the intracoastal and the scene was so serene.
We serve a mighty, awesome, and loving God.

If you feel like you are in a fog in your own world and can’t see a way out. Stand still for just a moment and trust that you are loved by our Holy God and hear His whisper in your heart, "Do Not Fear!"



Foggy Intracoastal

Foggy Intracoastal 1

Do Not Fear




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