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The Gift

God always shows up in some way.
I was walking at the beach and praying for the fruit of the Spirit, because I desperately need them. Praying for His wisdom, a sound mind and sound heart. Because the times we are in, you have to have a sound mind, keep emotions under self-control, and love the unloveables. There is no way I can do that, it’s too hard…


But God can!

He gives us the fruit of the Spirit, it is His work in us and I got to practice it.

While walking and asking for His Lovenotes there was a tree in the middle in the sand. No people around, just me and God and now a Christmas tree.
My curiosity was engaged and walked over to see, hey, perhaps there is a gift.


Well, there was…

A gift!


The wooden CROSS, several wooden crosses. That is the ultimate gift for all of us!

He came! God gave us all a gift and it is up to you dear friend to unwrap it, to apply it, to use it, to live by it, and to share what the gift means to you.


God is always with us, He speaks to us in so many ways. All you have to do is ask Him.


The Tree

The Crosses



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