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Meet Lovey

Meet Lovey, but before you do hear the beginning before the end.


Praying today in my prayer closet, “Lord, show Yourself again in a mighty way”.

I pray a prayer before I go and walk and hunt for all He has for me, His Lovenotes from God. I invited Him in and say, “Meet me there”.  And He does!


The water came rushing in and out with glistening purple diamonds dancing on each wave. It is like music being played and the Lord created beauty.

I asked Jesus today what on earth is joy? I read about it, my mind has the head knowledge, I can try to live it, but will it last but just a day.

What is true joy, the fruit of the Spirit Jesus is talking about, the true joy. Can we be so bold with Jesus?


Oh yes we can…


He won’t rebuke you just because you truly are struggling with joy and He won’t beat you over the head telling you, “you mean you still don’t get it.”

No, He won’t! Instead He will walk with you wherever you are and teach you.


What on earth is joy, Lord?


Why does it last so short with me? How many struggle with this and can we be so honest?


I find the most perfect seashell in the sand, it was truly perfection in its finest. “Thank you Lord for the gift.”


I kept walking and watching all the beauty around me, the birds picking their food what hides beneath the sand, Pelicans flying so gracefully riding the waves in mid air.


Bending down I write in the sand the word “Joy”. Starring at it and pondering what is the true meaning of this three letter word. How can a broken heart have joy?

How can a friend of mine who lost her husband have joy? Or the one whose child has gone astray? Can that mother have joy too?


Then He wrote into my heart, “Live life beautiful”.


Live this life beautiful for Him and with Him. A deep longing for God, for His son Jesus Christ who has set us free.

Such a longing that the soul is only happy when it meets with Him and He comes to the appointment I called Him to attend.


Shekinah glory…God’s presence with us!


Walking back to where I started and thought this was the end of the story and that is when it all started.

The story I thought was done has only began.


I said my Amen, took one more photograph and turned around…


There she was, a lady with arms wide open making the shape of a cross, a book in her hand.


I felt the tug in my heart to walk over and so I did.


“Are you praying too”, I asked the lady. “Oh yes I am”, she answered in a British accent.

“What are you reading”, I asked her next. “The book of Divine”, she explained.



Her story was that she is opening her arms wide to let love enter her heart, she too was searching. I could clearly see this soul was searching.


Didn’t Jesus say to search for Him and you shall find Him?


People search but there is no shepherd until today.


We spoke some more about the journey I am taking. “Mam, I too am searching to understand the fruit of the Spirit Jesus spoke about.”

The conversation went on from love to the troubles in Europe and our search.


Softly I asked her one last question, “Could I ask you something…do you have Jesus in your heart?”


She looked at me kindly back and stated, “I believe so.”


I took the perfected seashell out of my pocket, the Lovenote from God, gave it to her and said, “Remember this always, remember me, but most of all remember Him.”


We said our farewell and left her with a blessing,  I turned around just one more time to capture this moment of a true divine appointment.

Her name is Lovey with a British accent. She held the shell in her hands and very close to her heart. That dear soul made my heart smile, my face smile, my soul smile, my Spirit smile, that made my God smile.


That dear friends is “JOY”.


Today I can say I understood what joy means!







LIve life beautiful!

Flying birds

Cross in the sky


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